About us

The general aim of investors is maximizing revenue. In order to provide better products in B2B segment the manufacturers resort to increase costs. Our target in this confrontation to found the balance between a hight-quality service level and minimal CAPEX and OPEX for our clients at the same time.

"Coloco MDC" is production department of "Coloco Group corp.". It was founded by group of IT experts, Telecom engineers and professional business managers.

We product and sell absolutely mobile datacenters based on shipping container construction. Our products intends for corporate IT and Telecom tasks, such as server-rooms, mining-rooms, etc. Our solution helps our costumers to save money on projecting, building and mainteance their server-rooms. MDC solutions is irreplaceable when you expanse or move your IT-infrastructure. The putting into operation of mobile datacenter is more then 3 times faster than traditional solutions.

You can found more information on this web-site. Also, do not hesitate to look at "documents" section or download a presentation of our solutions.

If you have any questions about how many money you can save, please e-mail us at any time to: mdc@coloco.biz